Constant monitoring of the goods


Tracking system

It is fundamental in low temperature logistics to keep the moving goods monitored at all times
to ensure strict compliance with the cold chain.

SVAT uses latest-generation software on all its vehicles for the constant tracking of the vehicle, capable of detecting all the operating data of the vehicle and of the refrigeration equipment throughout the day through sensors and electronic equipment:




Speed and consumption


Positioning of goods in the container


Temperature and fluctuations


Operating hours


Container opening and closing

Communication with the driver of a vehicle is constant and carried out through a web platform for tracking control. All this allows a punctual and precise reporting system for each trip made, at the basis of the report sent promptly to the customer.

Information Technology

The team dedicated to Business Intelligence and big data analysis is composed of specialized resources, which provide a large number of operational statistics every day.

KPI system

Accurate KPI system for performance analysis and measurement of customer service levels.

Always connected

Online connection of all branches to the cloud data center, with double Internet line in case of blackout.

Your management software

Direct interfaces for sending orders and refilling the deposit account

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